noise cancelling headphones

ANC18 Bluetooth ANC Headphone With Competitive Price

*Bluetooth overhead headphone for music fans
*Lightweight design and retractable, USB-C charging port
*Using V5.0, support good sound and low power consumption
*400mAh battery for 30 hours of music playtime
*ANC ensures better music experience

We are good at OEM/ODM projects! You are welcome to contact us for the below services:
1. Custom Logo On The Headphones
2. Custom Pairing Name
3. Custom Professional Packaging and User Manual
4. Provide UPC Code / Bar code Stickers
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6. Provide DDP Shipping Service to Amazon FBA, Your Local Warehouse, or Other Places...
Quality is our culture! Whether you are a new customer or the regular one, we will try our best to help you. We'd love to come to an agreement that would greatly benefit us! We will provide a customized sample for your approval before mass production.
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