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GC20 Bone Conduction Headphone With Magnetic Suction Charging Port IPX7 Waterproof

* Bluetooth 5.0 technology
* Magnetic charging pin
* IPX7 waterproof level
* Waterproof level IPX7 Good for outdoor activity
* 8G RAM version available

If there’s one thing we often complain about traditional headphones, it’s the discomfort that comes after extended use. That’s because when you use these devices for quite some time, it builds up tension and causes what we call “listener fatigue” that makes you appreciate sound or music less.
The good this is, there’s an innovation that removes these discomforts and amplifies the sound to a whole new level that will make you appreciate your favorite tracks even more. These devices are called Bone Conduction Headphones.
For those who aren’t familiar with these devices, it’s a kind of earpiece that makes use of your bones as conductive current and delivers sound through vibrations. This process bypasses the traditional channel (or the air) that we use to hear sounds.
This technology was widely used by individuals suffering from hearing loss. But with a couple of tweaks, it’s now available for you to use to listen to sounds safely and conveniently, no matter what activity you wish to do.
With such, we bring you our Top Bone Conduction Headphones this 2021. We highlighted most of their features that make them the “best choice” within a sea of options you see online. 
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