TWS gaming earphone

GT03 TWS Gaming Earbuds With Slick Design And Low Latency 55-65ms Only

*TWS function for mobile game enthusiasts
*IPX4 waterproof, portable for outdoor use
*Using V5.0, support good sound and low power consumption
*40mAh each earbud for 4-5 hours music playtime
*Ergonomic earbuds good fit for all ears


4 Reasons Why TWS Gaming Earbuds Become the Next Trend?

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds are a new frontier of wireless earbuds with lots of potentials. With Apple's Air pods an early pacesetter for the tech-loving users, TWS earbuds are on an upward trajectory. 
Here are four reasons why TWS gaming headsets will become the next trend:
Classy and Trendy 
One of the biggest problems the TWS earbuds solve is the annoying tangle of wires. TWS gaming earbuds' design and form factor has become compact, elegant, stylish, and fashionable. 
This gaming headset provides exceptional hi-tech performance and keeps an elegant appearance. The external parts of a TWS can be customized to a user's liking by silk-screen printing.
TWS gaming headsets are a unique technology. TWS technology allows users to pair two audio devices to the headsets via Bluetooth simultaneously. Audio transmission to each of the earbuds occurs separately and independently. 
The L channel (left earpiece) and the R channel (right earpiece) are not dependent on each other. This channel independence is a significant advantage for gamers, especially for those who stream their gameplay on platforms such as Twitch.
TWS earbuds do not use any form of wired connectivity, which reduces potential wire damage. Being truly wireless makes these earbuds more portable. The user has more freedom to move around in a building without carrying their devices around. 
Using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, TWS gaming earbuds provide a very stable signal for up to 10 meters. This transmission range increases the signal stability increases between a device and the earbuds. To make user control easily, TWS earbuds have button control and touch control as default.
Unlike other earphones where the user has to carry a charging cable and adapter, TWS gaming earbuds have a wireless charging case. When the earbuds are running out of charge, they are placed inside the charging case to recharge. One charging session's power can last for between 5-7 hours before the headsets require recharging. 
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